Rising Stars 2008

16 competing musical acts and 2 featured acts came together in a common cause on Saturday September 27th. The day long music competition was a fund-raiser for Ukiah Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah and a chance for Lake and Mendocino County musicians to display their talents for the public. Event organizers, Cherie Sheraque and Mary Chadwick had the support of their families, friends and the community to make this event happen and through that support and the spirit of the musicians; this event was a resounding success.

Starting at 9am, each of these acts had 30 minutes to perform with the featured bands, II Big and Faded At Four playing for 1 hour each. Contestants were placed in groups of 4 with each act individually judged based upon talent, musicianship and audience participation. Every participating act received prizes donated by Russian River Records, Laughing Coyote Studios and Ukiah Music Center. Top Prizes included studio time at Laughing Coyote Studio and Russian River Records along with a gift certificate donated by Ukiah Music Center, A Fender Amp donated by Roadhouse Music and Tools donated by Sears.


Group A
Artist Information We The People

Gabriel “Giri” Vargas, India Frey, Adam Frey

Past Performances Include: (Punk Rock)
Ukiah’s 4th of July Celebration Willits’ Shakespeare Company Golden Gate Park – SF
Home Show & Expo Ukiah Talent Show St. Mary’s School

No other information noted

Artist Information Messenger

Graham McMillan, Dara Spears, Jaqueline Cooper, Colin Moir, Dennis McClure, Ray Ashford,
Robert Mothershed

Information: (Contemporary Christian)
Recently renamed Messenger, some members of this band have been playing together 15 years as “First Baptist Church Worship Team”

Some of their past performances have included: Bandslam 07, Praise in the Plaza, Praise Fest and God Jam.

Artist Information Charlie Vaughan

Charlie Vaughan

Information: (Acoustic Rock)
A Singer/ Songwriter that plays guitar and percussion with 30 years of playing in “Open E Flat” His guitar style is mostly a rhythmic percussive accompaniment to a melodic singing style that he likes to say was originally trained by the Beatles.

Artist Information Delphonatics

Richard Jeske, Don Willis, Henry Shebitz, Mike A’Dair, Boyd Parmeter, Marla Steffen

Information: ( Folk )
The four vocalists of this band came together in order to participate in a gospel show. Liking what they heard, they decided to stay together and keep performing. They have performed at venues such as The Senior Center in Willits, Gospel Extravaganza, Soul Café, Willits Community Theater, Mendonesia, and various benefit concerts.

Group B
Artist Information Steven Bates

Steven Bates

Information: (Folk Rock)
Steven started playing music at 12 or 13 years old and has been at it for over 30 years. He says he will do it until he is gone. He has played all across California, in Texas, on the streets of Europe and in Mendocino.

Artist Information Thornpetals

Don & Debi Paslay

Information: (Folk Rock)
The Thornpetals have over 100 songs and 5 cd’s out. They play their own originals plus some classics from Zeppelin to Neil Young. They have performed with Guitar Shorty, Robin Ford, Greg Kihn, David Hayes, Eddie Ottenstein, John Lee HookerJr, Dr. Patch Adams, II Big, Mitchell Holeman & Hal Wagonet to name a few.

Artist Information 3 Peace

Mark Priolo, Janice Smith, Lauren Kaplan

Information: (Rock)
3 Peace has been together since spring of 2003 and in their words play good ol’ rock and roll mixed with a variety of up beat rhythms as well as tranquil guitar and catchy melodies. They have played in various events and venues throughout Mendocino County and were participants in last year’s Bandslam.

Artist Information Two Miles To Think

Members: (Ska)
Jonathan Mankin, Adriana Roberts, Markus Dins, Marshall Jankousky, Ethan Williams, Austin Schmidt Cameron Barrow

Getting their start in 2007, this band began making their debut on the music scene in the Reggae/ Rock/ ska genre. After making what they called a short, mediocre demo CD, they decided that ska was their best sound and added the horns section of this band.

Group C
Artist Information Mendozone

Members: (Reggae Rock)
Lex Kraus, Ellery Clark, Frankie Robletto

Formed from the core rhythm section of the band Rootstock, the three musicians found themselves covering material outside of the normal Rootstock range. Mendozone will cover Funk and Reggae songs as well as some all-original fusion music

Artist Information The Lost Boys

Beau Bastian, Jordan Mills, Matt Weiss, Thomas Cano

Information: (Rock)
The Lost Boys have been playing and writing their own music since they were 11 and 12 years old. They have competed in the Colgate Country Showdown and won 2 years in a row. They have opened for Ty Herndon and The Charlie Daniels Band. They have also played various fundraising events, Lake County Fairs, Robinson Rancheria, Bandslam and at The Stars of Lake County.

Artist Information Some Of The Truest

Powahouse, O.T., Sergio

Information: (Hip Hop)
Some of the Truest came together in the Fall of 2006. It took them about 2 years to make 20 tracks for their first album, “Herb-N-Warfare” and they are in the middle of recording their second album. They have been playing in various venues such as: The Caspar Inn, Ukiah Brewing Company, Boomers Bar and Grill, Shanachie Pub, Leggett Peg House, Area 101, and The Mateel

Artist Information Hilary Marckx & 45-90

Hilary Marckx, Gene Rapalyea, Slim Thompson, Keith Wolf, Pat Simmons

Information: (Rockabilly)
Hillary Marckx & 45-90 plays original music written by Hilary who was there when rockabilly was what there was. Each member of this band brings a strong element of various styles of music including Jazz, Country, Blues, Rock, and Western Swing together to create an older sound that is not prevalent in today’s Rockabilly music.

Group D
Artist Information Pondscum

Joey Sparks, Brandon Sornes, Cecil White, Micheal Ranita, Jimmy Smilesome

Information: (Punk)
The whole idea started as a lie back in 2001. Future Pondscum members were riding in a van full of people, and Brandon and Joey were asked about joining a jazz band. Not wanting to they had to come up with a little white lie. Joey said that they were already in a band called, PondScum. About a week later, they started writing their own music.

Artist Information Diatom

Kyle Swartz, Marc Rivas, Sean Luke Bradley, Eric Underwood

Information: (Rock)
Diatom started playing together in the 6th grade and have been playing together ever since. This group of 15 year olds considers their band a Hard Rock band but can play many styles of music. They have written 12 original songs and have played in various fundraisers and benefits along with Lakeside Lanes Metal Mania, Bandslam and Country Air Properties Talent Shows and Festivals.

Artist Information Lethality

Jeremy Hubbard, Paul, The Reverend Goatlord

Information: (Metal)
Lethality has been through various members as most bands are but found that they achieve the sound they want best through having their 3 core members. They have played local events and venues such as Rebekka’s Lodge, Bandslam, and Lakeside Lanes.

Artist Information No Method To Madness

Charlie Foltz, Ricky Raffaini, Kalan Gillespie, Jimmy Layne

Information: (Metal)
Formed in April 2007, No Method To Madness has been playing and placing highly in various competitions through their time as a group. Their competitions include: Bandslam and Live Indy Rock Wars. They hope to record and release their first CD in early 2009.

In an effort to raise funds for The Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah, the public was encouraged to donate money throughout the day along with event shirts being sold and a silent auction of other items donated by various area merchants along with cash donations by various sponsors. The total raised for this worthy cause was over $3000.00

Presenting Sponsors included Kwine 94.5, Max 93.5 and Russian River Records. Major Sponsors for this event were Konocti Marine Construction, North Coast Energy Services and Laughing Coyote Studios. Sponsors included Faded At Four, Ukiah Music Center, Roadhouse Music and Ukiah Daily Journal.

The winners of this event were:

First Place: The Lost Boys
Second Place: Two Miles To Think
Third Place: No Method To Madness

Group A: The Delphonatics
Group B: Two Miles To Think
Group C: The Lost Boys
Group D: No Method To Madness

We had 2 talented photographers taking pictures of the whole day! Check out the links below to the photos on our Myspace.


Peter Brewer Photography


John Albertson Photography