Rising Stars 2009

20 competing musical acts and 2 featured acts came together on Saturday November 7th. The day long music competition was a fund-raiser for Ukiah Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah and a chance for Lake and Mendocino County musicians to display their talents for the public. Through the support of the community, family and friends this event was a resounding success. Over $3000 was raised for the Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah

Starting at 12PM, each of these acts had 30 minutes to perform with the featured bands, II Big and Faded At Four playing at the halfway point and the end respectively. Contestants were placed in groups with each act individually judged based upon talent, musicianship and audience participation. Every participating act received prizes donated by Russian River Records. Top Prizes included studio time at Russian River Records.


Group 1- Acoustic
Act 1-
Tyler Howell

I am sort of a one man show I am a guitar player who plays a wide variety of genres but my main focuses are Blues Funk and Psychedelic Rock I Jimmy Hendrix is my god so his music has a heavy influence on mine I also play a lot of delta blues like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters

Act 2
Josh Madsen

A folk singer and songwriter whose influences are Springsteen, The Eagles, Tom Petty and countless others. Has been singing for as long as he can remember and playing guitar and writing music for over 9 years. He can also be found playing at Open Mic Night at Ukiah Brewing Company.

Act 3
Steven Bates

Steven Bates grew up in Fort Bragg Ca. Started playing the guitar at 13 and has played ever since. He has written over two hundred songs and performs just about everywhere he can. Some of his more recent shows include Coyote Den Bar & Dancehall and Yokayo Bowl

Act 4
Rink N Silv

Travis Rinker
Danny Silva

We are 2 eighteen year olds that have been playing music for six years now. We Started off playing metal, But when guitarist Travis Picked up an acoustic he realized there is much more music to be played and made. Danny recently added to the acoustic guitar with a beat...the hand drum. Our goal is difference, its what makes us unique from other bands that sound the same.

Act 5
The Windfall Prophets

Charlie Vaughan
Ed Randol

The Windfall Prophets is a newly formed duo. The fresh sound of “The Prophets” was created after a recording project for Charlie’s CD

Group 2 – World Music
Act 1

Lacey Mallon
Robin Gomez

Lacey has been singing since she was 3 years old. Her past credits include making it to the third round in American Idol, and performing with the Glorianna Opera Company in Fort Bragg in such musicals as Rock N Roll Revue and The Pajama Game. She is performing with Jack and Robin who are also accomplished musicians involved with the Glorianna Opera Company.

Act 2

Roberto Gloria
Gary Donefer

Lionheart is a band with a new concept drumsong where hand drums take the lead with Afro/latin worldbeat pop type rhythms Roberto and Gary have been playing together for over 15years and have played many local benefits including concerts for the Homeless and for music for the schools

Act 3
Colby & The Contra Band

Colby Lee Huston
Kameron Crocker
Jesse Paul Huston

Colby and the Contraband is an acoustic-based trio, focusing on a fusion of reggae, blues, and surf music. Initially started as college jam-band in Arcata, Ca 1998- playing many gatherings. Eventually splitting up after college years, and then re-joining forces in 2009 after becoming family men, we have got together to refine our style and bring good music to the masses.

Group 2 – World Music Page 2
Act 4

Yannahay Hooper
Tom Forest
Lex Krauss
Ellery Clark
Frankie Robletto

The band is over 26 years old and has opened for many famous Reggae greats including Burning Spear, Sister Carol, Don Carlos, Third World and many many others. Performed a wide range of venues including Reggae on the River, Caesars Tahoe, Earth Dance, Sol Fest, Sierra Nevada World Music Fest, and Tribal Stomp.

Act 5
Side of Blues

Anita Elliott
Tommy Ing
Lesley Ing
Tom King
Bobby Pfannmuller
Jim Switzer

Our Lakeport based band has been together for several years, first as the 'Groovetones', then morphing into the 'Side of Blues' as we developed our genre of Swing Jump Blues. We are fast becoming one of the more popular dance bands in the area, known for our upbeat, fun, high energy dance music, together with our polished, well rehearsed dynamics.

Group 3- Rock

Act 1
3 Peace

Mark Priolo
Janice Smith
Lauren Kaplan

We been together since March of 2004. We gig regularly in Mendocino County and play in Sacramento once a year. We all have been playing music for over 30 years and have a unique setup. You don't see 2 girls and a guy too often and these girls rock! We play all original music that runs the scale of many genres of rock and roll.

Act 2
The Felt Tips

T.J. Elton
Marc Levine
Henry Leal
Mike Murphy
Ray Ashford

The Felt-tips are one of the best dance bands in Mendocino County. All highly experienced musicians, they play rock, blues, Motown, and country standards, and specialize in danceable beats, vocal harmonies, and tight instrumentals. They've been playing around Mendocino and Lake counties since the summer of 2004

Act 3
Free With Purchase

Jonathan Mankin
Markus Dias
Marshall Jankousky
Cameron Barrow

It started with four guys, then we got bigger and did some ska. Now it's back to four guys, just doing what they do best together, make music. Movie plot?

Group 3- Rock – Page 2
Act 4
The Rose Knight Band

Rose Knight
Denny Knight
Steve Garrison
Marcel Guarachi
James Dexter

Five local musicians that have played allover the country from Fort Bragg to Nashville. Members of this band have played with legendary musicians such as Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings, and Three Doors Down just to name a few..

Act 5
One Moment

Emilie Wilcox
Kaleb Clark
Dennis Quinlivin
Matt Heath
Brian Amarac

One Moment was a project band dreamed up by Kaleb. They started out as “The Gravity Experiment” but changed the name to “One Moment”. Emilie came to them in answer to a flier that Kaleb had posted and she fit the band so well that the band has formed their original music around her vocals.

Act 6
The Mark Weston Band

Mark Weston
Eric Mattson
Fred Hartnet

The Mark Weston Band is a Classic Rock, Pop Alternative and New Country three-piece dance band. The group prides themselves on their three part melodic harmonies and ability to keep a dance crowd on the floor without ever losing sight that job security is directly based upon audience participation and rapport.

Group 4 – HipHop, Punk & Metal

Act 1
Some Of The Truest


Some Of The Truest came together in the fall of 2006. They came together as like-minded people wanting to push the same message to the masses, to help people understand that there is more in life than war and corruption and to not be scared to express their freedom of thought.

Act 2

Kyle Swartz
Marc Rivas
Sean Luke Bradley
Eric Underwood

The members of Diatom started playing together at a birthday party in the 6th grade. They have been playing together ever since. They consider their band hard rock but can play all kinds of music. In addition to their cover songs, this band of 16 year olds also has 12 original songs to their credit.

Act 3

Tyler Ball
Ryan Edington
Sierra Lockheart
Don Carpenter

Two siblings (Sierra/Tyler), who used to jam for fun, decided to get serious about their playing around late'07. Eventually, once the two began writing, Tyler, After writing 2 or 3 songs around early '08, they had formed a band called 3 Seconds Notice. In the summer of '08, the they added Ryan. 3SN wrote a few more songs before some member changes. After that the band took a short break, and soon became what the band SIGAW

Group 3 Hiphop, Punk & Metal Page 2

Act 4


The history of ABHOR has been passed down by oral tradition for Hundreds of years. Beowulf was actually based on a short part of our bands history. If you don't already know it, you never will, because you're obviously not cool enough.

In an effort to raise funds for The Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah, the public was encouraged to donate money throughout the day along with a silent auction of other items donated by various area merchants. The total raised for this worthy cause was over $3000.00


The winners of this event were:

First Place: One Moment
Second Place: Abhor
Third Place: The Rose Knight Band

Acoustic: Steven Bates
World Music: Colby & The Contra Band
Rock: One Moment
Punk/ Heavy: Abhor

We had some very talented photographers taking pictures of the whole day! Check out the links below to the photos on our Facebook:

2009 Peter Brewer Photography

2009 Tim Scott Poma Album 1

2009 Tim Scott Poma Album 2

2009 Tim Scott Poma Album 3