Rising Stars 2010


The day began with beautiful weather at the outdoor stage at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds for 17 competing musical acts and 4 featured acts on Saturday October 2nd.. The day long music competition was a fund-raiser for Ukiah Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah and a chance for Lake and Mendocino County musicians to display their talents for the public. Through the support of the community, family and friends this event was a resounding success.

Participants had 25 minutes to impress the panel of 5 judges with their talent, performance and audience relational skills. In that 25 minute time span, with the help of a Stage Manager, they had to hook their equipment to the provided backline, play their set, and remove themselves and their equipment from the stage.

Starting at 12PM, the crowd was entertained by solo acoustic artists, duets, and full bands. The day started out with acoustic music and moved on to Country, Rock, Hip-Hop and Metal as the night came to a close at 12AM. Every participating act received prizes donated by Russian River Records. 1st place in each category received studio time from Russian River Records and a $50 gift certificate at dig! Music. At midnight, the overall winners were announced. 3rd and 2nd place received studio time at Russian River Records and cash, 1st place received studio time at Russian River Records and a $50.00 savings bond for each member of the band provided by Savings Bank of Mendocino County. Acoustic Artists:

Lionheart is a band with a new concept Drumsong. where handdrums take the lead and polyrhythm abound A band with highly danceable original music The band has played at the last two Summer Art's & Music Festival's Also venue's on the Mendocino Coast, Ukiah,and Humbolt Co.Roberto has played congas and purcussion for over 35 on the Mendocino coast and throughout northen California with such bands as the Dancing rhythm dogs,WFO,and many other local band's. Gary Donefer has played bass profecionly for over 25 years,builds custom bass&guitars,and runs the 420 Lounge recording studio in Fort Bragg.Roberto Gloria African drums,Vocals.Gary Donefer bass,guitar.

Josh Madsen was born and raised in the Ukiah Valley. Josh has always enjoyed singing for as long as he can remember. At the age of 19, he began playing the guitar. Like anyone else, learning lots of covers. A few years later he began to seriously write original songs. While learning more about songwriting, he began playing music with his uncle. Occasionally they play together as the Madsen/Johns Project at the local Farmer's Market, and at open mics. Since then he has been working at my songwriting and his voice. For the last five years he has been taking voice classes. Josh has a real passion for singing and songwriting!

Paulina Logan is a California-based singer/songwriter who creates and performs an eclectic mix of folk/pop/rock music. She released her first full-length record Wallflower independently in 2007 and the If You Try EP in 2009. She is currently working on two singles to be released in late 2010. Her music has been placed in the upcoming television series Hillers and the soon-to-be-released documentary Citizen Mayor. Paulina's songs are also featured in the upcoming films When Love Comes Home and The Art of Women.Paulina has been featured in a variety of magazines and blogs, including Awaken Music, Guitar Living, and Indie Update. She is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars and won the Best Performance award at Sebastopol's West Coast Songwriters Showcase.

Travis Rinker: Born in Santa Rosa CA, moved to Lake County when he was one year old. He has been playing guitar for six years, first electric rock/metal guitar, and now acoustic. He calls his music mysterious rendtions of fingerstyle, classical/jazz/acoustic guitar. Pretty and fresh. Rhymithic and Percussive. Music for the mind, thoughts, and reality. Travis regularly plays at Molly Brennan’s in Lakeport along with other Lake County venues such as The Soper Reese Theater, TJ's Bar and Grill, The Saw Shop, The Blue Wing Saloon and Corkman’s Clipper


North Coast Energy Services Country & Rock Division

Country Act, McKenna Faith’s lead singer is only 15 years old. But despite her young age, the group has received an awesome response with every performance resulting in requests for encores and standing ovations. This band has only been together since April 2010 but they are all very dedicated to their music and giving their audience a memorable music experience. They are going on tour in Oct and are headed to Nashville to cut an EP which is due out late fall. McKenna Faith, Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar, Ryan Jackson lead Guitar Ben Mcvay Bass Scott Izumida drummer

The Rose Knight Band is an Alternative Rock/Pop band originally from Nashville, Tennessee and now reside in Mendocino County California where they rock the Northern California Coast. All members have rocked other bands but now grace Rose Knight with their musical abilities. Rose, Denny and Steve write the music and Marcel and James give them the funky base line and heartbeat. Rose Knight – VocalsDenny Knight – Rhythym Guitar & PercussionSteve Garrison-- lead guitarJames Dexter—drummerMarcel Guarachi--bass

The Mark Weston Band is a Cutting Edge, Mainstream, Cross Over Pop Alternative Rock/New Country/Classic Rock three piece club dance band. The members of the group are Mark Weston, guitar and vocals; Marc Roberge, bass and vocals; and Doug Raleigh, drums and vocals. The group prides themselves on their melodic harmonies and ability to keep a dance crowd on the floor without ever losing sight that job security is directly based upon audience participation and rapport. Having self released his first CD compilation entitled "Where Were You" in 2000, Mark and the band are currently in the finishing stages of mixing and mastering a second release; an album not only containing 10 new tracks, but the first release's 10 songs re-mixed as well.

Mark Weston-Guitar, vocalsMarc Roberge-Bass, vocalsDoug Raleigh-Drums, vocals

GDX, is the latest hybrid of Hard Rock from Northern California, fronted by Shawna White who has angelic looks and a powerful voice that will melt your soul. Laying down the beat is Paul Siderakis. Paul's feel for the groove is impeccable and his sense of timing and knowing where to add the right lick keeps the foundation of the rhythm section rock solid. Bob Greene's steady thunderous bass rounds out the rhythmn section. His influences are everything from old school southern rock and blues. Adding a layer of extra chunky guitar from Rik Pietrewicz who's influences are Elvis,The Beatles, Van Halen, Boobs, a lot of coffee and Mendo Endo,( not necessarily in that order), gives things a decidedly "different" flavor. Steven White offers up his harmonic balance to the vocal end of things with his omninous, bluesy throat tones. All together it drives and flows effortlessly to give the listner a fresh earful of hard rock GDX style.

Shawna White - Lead Vocals,
Rik Pietrewicz - Guitar,
Bob Greene - Bass,
Paul Siderakis - Drums,
Steven White – Vocals

The Slice of Summer is a Ukiah based Pop-punk band that just loves music and believes their talents are a gift from God. Front man, Grayson , and drummer/vocalist, Daniel, started the band around September 2008. The two had been playing music together since they were twelve, and after kicking around the idea of forming a band for a couple years, finally sat down and started writing music influenced by the energetic, upbeat sounds coming out of the Pop-Punk scene. After about a half a year of playing together and a few songs penned, The Slice of Summer was ready to go public. The Slice of Summer’s energetic, performance and catchy lyrics continue to excite audiences as they build a fan base and get ready to enter the studio to produce their first album. The guys hope to have this debut CD produced and ready for release for a Spring or early Summer tour.

Grayson Gerstenkorn - Guitar and Vocals
Jared Kaser - Guitar and Bass
Daniel Paulin - Drums and Vocals
Dalton Stacy - Guitar and Bass

Savings Bank of Mendocino County Hip Hop Division

Mentor’s path began from watching his dad rehearse with his rock and roll band almost before he could walk. His passion for music was fueled by hearing loud, solid drum lines, heavy grunge guitar, and fat bass lines until he picked up the guitar at around seven years old. From there he drifted into hard metal to fast punk and it wasn't until he was a teenager before he took interest to hip hop and reggae music. As a result his style today consists of many styles and genres.

Dustin Decker aka Mentor

Local Hip Hop group, Some of The Truest comes straight out of the hills, bringing a positive message to the people via lyrical skills. Together since 2006, they are constantly evolving to be a unique Hip Hop group that is conscious and can move their audience, emotionally and physically. They strive for impressing with their live shows, putting a lot of work into making their live performance stand out in their genre. They write all our own lyrics respectively and produce our own beats. They incorporate a DJ to scratch and Powahouse beatboxes, always a crowd pleaser. Their songs range in content from being about the Mendo lifestyle, verbal battling, to political issues. They are complex people and know that in their songs is something for everyone.

Powahouse - rapper
OT - rapper
Sergio - rapper
DJ Big Time – Deejay

K-Town Ent is comprised of 3 young men with a lot of energy and hip hop beat that will get you out of your seat. Tajie D. started rap at 14 and fronts this team with his words and skills. JD is the younger brother of tajie d. he dances and rapps, he is the hype man of the group. Preacher Man is the person that always says what comes to mind. he also rapps and is a talented writer. Add their dance crew and this is an act that you dont want to miss!

Preacher Man (Rapper)(Mic)
JD (Rapper)(Mic)
Tajie D. (Rapper)(Mic)
Lil Marie (Dancer)
LoLo (Dancer)

Mendo Lake Credit Union Metal

Sigaw, began with two siblings Sierra and Tyler who used to jam for fun. Tyler is a heavy weight champion who favors simple drumming making Sigaw his primary target. Sierra enjoys beautiful walks on the beach, listening to Shania Twain, and shopping frequently. Ryan is possibly the next Hunter Peterson when it comes to guitar shredding. An average meal for him would be a slice of bacon on top of more bacon served with a side of bacon. God put us on this earth to use vibrations and beautiful voice talent to create a generic sound that is only found in most popular music today. We are like the next Nickleback mixed with some Lady Gaga and Beethoven.

Tyler Ball - Drums/Vocals
Sierra Lockheart - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Edington - Guitar/Vocals

Chamber Puppet started playing music together in 7th grade, 13 years old. For 5 years they got better as a band and played many shows, including the phoenix theater in Petaluma Ca. They are Playing as many shows as possible before drummer Dan goes off to the Air Force. They like to be described as melodic Metal.Danny Silva- Drums, Travis Rinker- Bass, Juan Guerrero- GuitarFrom the Ashes, were does it all begin?? Well for most of the members in F.T.A. this is their "New Beginning of something that was AMAZING and was thought lost forever",

FROM THE ASHES, the members Thursday Sixxteen, Ryan Gymnaties, Tomas Lynch, and Adam Thompson form a very hardworking band and are some of the most laid back, friendliest, party animals you know. so please enjoy what we do and a thank you goes out to EVERYONE from the bottom of our hearts,Chris Grant: Vocals and GuitarThomas Lynch: GuitarRyan Gymnaites: DrumsAdam Thompson: Bass

Embryonic Devourment Grinding brutality, in its own unique form, shredding the minds of all alike from the close-minded, and feeble, to the strongest of free thinkers formed in early 2003. Each of them come from a different dimension. The dimensions are Putor, Chitauri, Icke, and the infamous Mutwa just out side of Nebula 9. The Sumerians have influenced each of them greatly and allow us to live their music in an ancient manner. They use their creative energies to harness the sun power and achieve brutality through your interpretation.Austin Spence (Bass) – Adam Weber (Guitar) – Lauren Pike (Guitar) – Luke Boutiette (Drums)

Diatom is an alternative metal band from Lake County CA, They have been jamming 5 years strong now and are looking to further their talent, promotion and playing. They play every metal show around Lake County and are playing shows in Modesto, San Francisco, Fresno, Petaluma, and anywhere else they can get their music out and promoted.Eric Underwood - Bass and Lead voxMarc Rivas- GuitarSean-Luke Bradley – Drums

Formed in early 2007, fueled by boredom and a common interest of bands such as Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Corrosion Of Conformity, Orange Goblin and Down, The Whitetrash Superstars were born. On lead guitar is Drew Ratzloff, on drums is David Olmstead and on bass is Jacob King. The band plays local venues and just finished recording their debut album entitled "Copy This..."

Davey - Drums
Drew - Guitar
Jake – Bass

Musical acts were encouraged to bring their fans and play to the crowd for a chance to win the People's Choice Award of studio time provided by Laughing Coyote Studios.

During breaks between sets, the crowd was entertained by local bands, Side of Blues and II Big with special guests Dalton and Nakai Chilson.

At the end of the evening, 2009 3rd place winners The Rose Knight Band performed leading the way for 2009 1st Place winners, One Moment to take the stage for their featured performance.

In an effort to raise funds for The Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah, the public was encouraged to donate money throughout the day along with a silent auction of other items donated by various area merchants.

A great time was had by all and we are proud to present the 3rd Annual Rising Stars winning artists


The winners of this event were:

First Place: The Slice of Summer
Second Place: Paulina Logan
Third Place: Travis Rinker

Acoustic: Paulina Logan
Country/ Rock: The Slice of Summer
Hip-Hop : K-Town Ent
Metal: Chamber Puppet

We had some very talented photographers taking pictures of the whole day! Keep checking back for photos taken at the event!: