Rising Stars 2012


Perfect weather graced the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds as the 5th Annual Rising Stars Music Competition got underway. The crews arrived early to make sure that every nuance of this program was executed. Cables were ran, sound checks were made and a new element, live sound recording, was set up. There was excitement in the air as the gates opened for the area's only 12-hour Multi Genre Family Friendly Music Competition.

Our famous MC and Radio Commercial voice, Martan began the show by introducing the judges.. Erika Brewer, T.J. Elton, Eddie Vedolla Jr. and Keith Canova. The sponsors were recognized, the staff and vendors were pointed out, and the party began!

Several local non-profits were chosen to participate in the music festival in hopes of raising awareness and funds for their organization. Some of the organizations represented were Hospice of Ukiah, Mendo Mayhem Ladies Roller Derby, Ukiah Lions Youth Football & Cheer, Guitars for Troops, Tapestry Family Services, Redwood Empire Assoc. for the Education of Young Children and Willits Senior Center.

Rising Stars 2012 featured act was Funkacillin. Comprised of a group of five Mendocino County musicians who wanted to represent the edgier side of funk, they incorporate rock and soul into their repertoire. The band features Lex Krauss (guitar) and Ellery Clarke (bass) of Mendozone and Rootstock fame, Cherie Sheraque (vocals) formerly of Groove Approved and currently of Samba Jamba, Jim Dooley (trumpet and keyboard) of all of the above plus others including Soulevity, and Ponce' and Blair Rowland (drums) formerly of Tubesteak Jones and currently with Dumbstruck Genius.

A wide range of musical styles were presented at the 5th Annual Rising Stars. Musicians were grouped into similar genres and assigned a scheduled time for performing. The following is a short biographical listing of all of the acts that participated:

Mr Springer is a Kelseyville musician, retired elementary school teacher who has always enjoyed songwriting. He is completely self taught and his grammatically correct lyrics are a source of love and pride. Here to present his original music is Mr Springer.

Josh Madsen grew up in Mendocino County, listening to top 40 radio (KWNE 94.5). Josh loves singing many genres of music, mostly country, folk and rock. Josh has tended to mostly write songs that he has been told seem kinda sad, always tries to end every song with something positive. Josh says that he just enjoys singing like nothing else, it really frees him.Recently moving to Ukiah from South Carolina, Grey Gunn tries to modernize hard rock and blues covers like Doors, ZZ, Zepplin, Bush, Petty and other classics as well as several originals that many people have encouraged him to record.

Hilary MarckxBorn: Pacific Northwest, moved to California when nine. . Singer/Songwriter since 1974; first song written 1958 First song learned: Oklahoma Hills when two Attitude: wild, crazy, but dead serious about songwriting

From 1996-2000 Shawn Coleman was very active in the arts at Willits High school. He played numerous instruments in the schools band from trumpet to bass guitar and for two years gave lessons to several students during his instrumental training elective. From 2001-2004 Lead guitarist for Mendocino County band, The Thorn Petals.2010-2012 Frontman and guitarist for The Fulcrum.

Chris Kier played with local band Gigantic for 12 years. Prior to joining up with Gigantic, Chris played in blues, rock, punk, and metal bands. Since Gigantic disbanded in 2009 Chris had busied himself playing roller derby with Ukiah's Deep Valley Belligerents. In 2012 Gigantic reunited for a one night only benefit for DVB thus rekindling the desire to perform music again.

Travis Rinker started playing guitar at age thirteen. Starting out with an electric guitar, he wailed on the strings of a fender strat everyday. At first it sounded like fingernails to a chalk board, but after much practice, he realized guitar was his passion. He played electric guitar for 5 years and then discovered the acoustic guitar. Come to find out his motivation and ability for writing songs increased with some good ol finger pickin! The acoustic guitar is now his main thing and he gigs as a solo guitarist. He started recording his first solo CD "Acoustic Trance" in 2010 and it is now finished and for sale. You can pick it up following his performance.

Compound Fracture is a healthy serving of your favorite Classic Rock tunes from yesterday mixed with a smattering of today's danceable Country music and dashed with a little bit of Blues, Compound Fracture will have you singing and moving to the beat! Meeting at open mic nights, everyone got used to playing music with eachother and having a great time.. but nobody knew what was in store for them. The decision was made to form a band and Compound Fracture was formed.

After eight years of songwriting and gigging, two bands have joined forces from 1,800 miles apart to give birth to a new style of rock music in Son of Invention. The Last Lighter based out of Kansas City, and The Feinting Room from the San Francisco Bay Area have teamed up to create a new eclectic rock sound that has been capturing the hearts of fans along the West Coast.

Introducing Covered in Butter is no easy task; high school buddies, college housemates, burning man theme campmates, world traveling companions, best friends and original rock/reggae/ska/party making music three piece band would be a start. They have been playing together since George Frost broke his first drumstick back in 2004 and their personal lives have been interlocked ever since.

Blues Brothers From Another Mother is what happens when a bunch of musicians get together, drink a little too much and decide to play music. Though this was never intentioned to go any further than the practice, an impromptu performance or two later, fans were asking for more of this band. So, from a beer enabled jam, a band was formed. What to call themselves when they originally didnt plan on being a band was another story.. after many failed suggestions.. mostly turned down by the fans.. Blues Brothers From Another Mother was the name that stuck.

Lil 100 Rack$ comes from a musical family with his grandfather being a well known guitarist and singer and his uncles also involved in music. At the young age of 14, he has already opened up for bay area artists including YS, Napalm, Rydah J Klide, Skillz and Lil B. He holds a reputation as a positive poet and is well liked by peers at Ukiah High.

Ethan Walker’s Music is all real, from the heart, everything he writes has meaning. He started rapping when he was 5 and made his very first song in Washington when he was 15. IHemoved to Cali to live with my grandpa and affiliated with K-Town and Fallen Angel Music. he is 16 now, he sings, raps, plays guitar and has been musical his whole life.

Guilty By Association is a group of friends that have been making music for about 7 years now but havent got it out too far.. they just keep making more songs writting music that can relate to peoples problems and trying to stay positive through the strugle of everyday life

Silhouette was formed in 2011. They are an all female band and play music in a few different genres. They got together when their music teacher started putting bands together and they've been at it ever since. They started playing covers but we are now writing their own songs. All band members play multiple instruments and sing.

Vanity loves doing what we are doing because it is the only thing they know. They are aiming to go as big as they can but are patient enough to deal with mistakes so they are prepared to deal with what is thrown at them so they can bring it to the world.

Casey has been playing guitar since he was a child, he also plays drums and bass and records his own music...he IS Lords of Karma, now accompanied by his oldest daughter Sylvia.

Wretched Sea is a newly formed band from Lakeport Ca. They are all dedicated musicians with much experience performing live. They came together out of a love for Metal music.

Iron Assault continues to build on what they started just over a year ago. They have a passion for Metal music and comes out in their performance. Bringing back what our Metal Fathers set out to do back in the late 70's and early 80's with a modern twist.

At the end of the night, D.J. Crash from JT's Mobile DJ took the stage and rocked the dance floor while the final numbers were determined..

Winners were awarded in each of the 4 divisions with 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall winners awarded. Prizes for musicians included studio time, recording sessions, live music production, limo rides, music certificates and stage performance training amongst other prizes


The winners of this event were:

First Place: Travis Rinker
Second Place: Ethan Walker
Third Place: Wretched Sea

Acoustic: Travis Rinker
Rock: Covered In Butter
Hip-Hop : Ethan Walker
Metal: Wretched Sea

We had some very talented taking pictures of the whole day!

Check out some of the pictures on Facebook taken by Chosen Photography by Jesse