Rising Stars 2013


The moment had came, the months of preparations had all been made, the stage ready, the equipment checks, everything came down to this moment... the 6th Annual Rising Stars had begun!

Our famous MC, Martan began the show by introducing the judges.. Erika Brewer, Brad Hunt and Vince Knight The sponsors were recognized, the staff and vendors were pointed out, and the party began!

Several local non-profits were chosen to participate in the music festival in hopes of raising awareness and funds for their organization. Some of the organizations represented were Mendo Mayhem Ladies Roller Derby, Ukiah Lions Youth Football & Cheer, Guitars for Troops, Tapestry Family Services, and Ukiah Players Theatre.

Rising Stars 2013 featured performances by 2012 winner, Travis Rinker and 2011 winners K-Town Ent.

A wide range of musical styles were presented at the 6th Annual Rising Stars. Musicians were grouped into similar genres and assigned a scheduled time for performing. The following is a short biographical listing of all of the acts that participated:

Mendo Lake Credit Union Acoustic Division

Rachel Kanonchoff
started playing guitar six years ago and has continued on with piano and vocals. She has played in several bands along her musical career, beginning three years ago with a church youth group. Since then, she has become a solo artist and has continued to play for various churches and events. She is 16 years old and attends Willits High School as an 11th grader and is taking half of her academic classes at Mendocino College. This year she joined the Cross Country team at WHS

Justin Kester
grew up on the coast and moved to the booming metropolis of Ukiah for college. He wound up working for Little Caesars and staying in the area after becoming the National Sign Dancing Champion. You know the guys that spin the signs on the street corner? He was that fella. He started playing music as a trumpeter throughout his school years, but as he grew older, he realized that girls weren't that impressed by the trumpet (probably too loud for private shows) and it was really difficult (nay! Impossible!) to sing and play at the same time. he started writing songs with a buddy of his and that has been a hobby ever since. Some of the songs he writes are what people call "Wizard Music" because it is based on the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Nerdy as heck, sure, but why not?

Jacqueline Scoggins
was born and raised in Ukiah, CA. She started singing at a young age (9 years old) and began guitar lessons at 12 years old. She enjoys playing and creating/writing music, learning instruments and vocal technique and performing. Her music blends the sounds of country, pop and indie music, producing songs that will stay with you even after she has left the stage.

Hilary Marckx
Has been writing songs since 1958, though he says that they didn't start getting any good until around 1974. He has written two soundtracks, this one for "Smoke," and one in 2004 titles, "Vinegar Pie." He wrote ten public service announcements for AAA of Southern California and SC-3. His work has played on radio across the USA. He also has two songs in the Andreas Michera film, "Everywhere But Home." He has been putting off band stuff because he has been writing and producing the soundtrack for a musical that will be performed on Broadway, NYNY. It is a story about transformation, moving from the dark side to the bright side of the marijuana culture. The songs are funny, pathetic, freaky, sad, sick and just a little true.

Steven Bates
is a musician who grew up in Mendocino County on the beautiful northern coast of California. He started playing music and school dances by the age of thirteen. After graduating, he set off to southern California. There, he played all over the area with different bands and individuals. Knowing that the lyrics are currency, he has written numerous songs always with an eye on getting people out on the dance floor. Steven‘s music runs the gamut from apocalyptic rockers and psychedelic jams to heart-felt ballads. Fans love to party to the searing lyrics and scorching guitar. His songs give people of all ages a reason to get up and dance. Bates leaves audiences exhilarated, inspired and howling for more.

Lindy Day
Originally from New York, Lindy is classically trained in multiple instruments and genres such as 19th century classical guitar and was previously performing in New York including Manhattan. Her versatile playing styles also include rock, punk, jazz/rock fusion and indie rock alternative. She is also trained in swing jazz saxophone.

Last year, Lindy released her first solo guitar CD entitled,“Cordoba Dreams” and is the featured guitarist in Whispering Light's “One Tribe”; CD being released in 2 weeks. Next will be the recording of Ailura Fate's debut CD, set to be released in 2013, where she plays all guitars and co-writes all the material.

Lindy is a Lake County resident and is managed by KaseQTR Productions.


City of Light Recording & Sound Rock 1 Division

Heldstab is a family band located in Fort Bragg, California. Their musical style is characterized by an acoustic sound, harmonies, and beach inspired elements. They enjoy playing at local venues and festivals, airing on local radio stations, and hope to increase their performance opportunities. They arrange cover songs, as well as write their own original lyrics and music.

John—vocals, guitar, keyboards, ukulele, percussion
Heidi—vocals & keyboards
Clint -bass/guitar
Zack – drums

Whispering Light
Kevin Village Stone and Lindy Day have partnered under their indie label Whispering Light Music in live performances, recording, and co-writing from their home base in Lake County California.

Lindy originally from Mt. Kisco, New York, is classically trained in multiple instruments and genres, including 19th century classical, rock, punk, and indie alternative and was previously performing in New York including Manhattan. Kevin Village Stone is a flautist, bassist, and keyboardist of many styles. Being of Cherokee and Japanese ancestry and now living in Lake County, California, Kevin performs and records original instrumental compositions of Native American and Ecuadorian flutes over modern and traditional instruments.

Kevin: Native American flutes, keyboards, and electric bass guitar.
Lindy: Acoustic and electric guitars.

Clay Hawkins is a trio of gentlemen that took very different paths to end up together in music in this space and time. Clay has been touring and playing as a solo artist for years and moved up here from SF 5 years ago and is finding it to be a richer music scene than the city. Dan is a musician and songwriter.He hails from Pittsburg, PA and one day just decided he wanted to play the upright bass. Went and got himself a beautiful one and that was that. Ryan is an enigma. he just showed up one day in this sleepy town and suddenly he was playing drums everywhere. Clay says that he is truly lucky to have both of these men in his group.

Clay- Vocals & Guitar
Daniel- Upright Bass
Ryan- Drums


Max 93.5 Rock 2 Division

JEMM has been together for 3 years now and their style has evolved from pop to a more rock sound. They competed in Rising Stars last year under the name Silhouette. They have a new lead singer and a new band name as well. They've been writing new material and we're ready to take on Rising Stars!

Monica -Lead vocals, guitar.
Mikie -Vocals, guitar, keyboards.
Jenna -Vocals, Bass.
Emma –drums

Venture Addison, Noah, and Jonas played together in a summer rock competition and won a paid gig. Addison, Noah and Jonas played in the Pomolita School Rock Band last year
After winning the Rock camp, they decided to try to grow, and so they added Gage and came to Rising Stars

Jonas - Lead Guitar
Addison - Bass Guitar
Gage- Vocals
Noah – Drums

The Fat Oples are kinda pop-y like how the Beatles were. Not like 1D and all that "music". So they have some definite old-rock influence. Some interesting facts about their group are that they write all of their own music, and there is only two of them in the group as of now.

Clayton -Guitar and vocals
Miles -Keyboard and vocals

Ailura Fate is only a year old and prides themselves on their diversity. From ethnicity, to age, to gender, they break almost all the industry standards. A female lead guitarist? Check. An African American lead singer? Check. A bassist whose been in the industry four decades? Check. They come from different backgrounds, so when they merged musically, you can hear influences from soul music to 18th century classical guitar to progressive rock. They’ve been reviewed as Tina Turner meets Journey.

Kayla - Vocals
Kevin - Bass/Keys
Lindy – Guitar


2011 1st Place Winners Featured Act

K-Town Ent are from Kelseyville Ca. and are a well known group in Kelseyville/Lakeport Tajie D: Is the founder of the group, he wants to let everyone see that even though someone is disabled does not mean you cannot fallow your dreams J.D: The little brother of Tajie D. He first started just doing music because he was bored, now he is one of the most energetic members of the group. He keeps the energy alive on stage and bring the music to life!! Preacher Man: Is the Co founder of the group. He keeps everyone focused and kills the show with his comical and deep lyrics. All three of the young men have been through alot in there life and they want there fans to understand nothing is impossible!

94.5 Kwine Punk/ Metal Division

Freakn’ It While talking about band names, their old singer told Aj that Juan really wanted "Freak" in the name of the band. He figured she meant that Juan wanted the name to be Freak'n It. They then realized Freak'n It didn’t sound half bad! After going through many changes, they have stayed a trio. They still grow stronger everyday not just as a band but as brothers. They have all had many challenges cross our paths in our lives. But they know that they must all keep their heads high and their dreams in their hearts. No matter how hard things may seem. They always have to remember. They fight for their rights, they stand for their rights, and they will never give up their rights!

Juan - Bass/Vocals
Joel - Lead Guitar
Aj – Drums

Whitetrash Superstars After toiling away for years in a filthy animal feces infested garage just outside of Ukiah California city limits, The Whitetrash Superstars broke into the rock scene in 2007 with their first debut album in 2009 entitled, Copy This. After numerous attempts to find a permanent bass player Jake finally stuck his head out from the bus drivers seat and the current line-up was born. The band's latest album, which remains untitled, combines Drew's over-the-top vocal work with soaring riffs along with screaming vocals from Davey and wild bass lines from Jake to generate an album highlighting rock for a new generation of fans. With standout tracks like "Consumer Freedom" and ferocious instrumentals like "Atomic" the music of The Whitetrash Superstars appeals to rock fans and non-rock fans alike.

Drew- Lead Guitar
Jacob- Bass
Davey- Drums

Awoken Shadows is a band based from Northern, CA that consists a mixture of Metal, Metalcore, and Post Hardcore. Awoken Shadows was formed in December of 2012 and features 5 members who came together to fulfill their dream of playing in a band. Anthony Arroyo, Gabe Ramos, and David Lopez have been playing music together since early 2008 and eventually found members Damon Jonas and Michael Schwartz. The sound comprises of a mix of modern metalcore and thrash metal with hints of post-hardcore influence.

Michael - Lead Vocals
David - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Damon - Bass
Anthony – Drums

The winners of this event were:

First Place: The Whitetrash Superstars
Second Place: Freakin' It
Third Place: Awoken Shadows

Acoustic: Steven Bates
Rock 1: Clay Hawkins
Rock 2: Ailura Fate
Metal: The Whitetrash Superstars

We had some very talented taking pictures of the whole day!

LCar Event Phoytography and CatchLight Studios