Rising Stars Past Winners Links

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1st Place – Travis Rinker
2nd Place- The Johnny Young Band
3rd Place- Fog Realm

Solo- Travis Rinker
World Rock- The Johnny Young Band
Hip Hop- Young Bengy
Metal -
Fog Realm


First Place: 454
Second Place: Iron Assault
Third Place: As All Else Fails

Acoustic: Hilary Marckx
Young Artists: Eastern Horizon
Rock : 454
Metal: Iron Assault


First Place: The Whitetrash Superstars
Second Place: Freakin' It
Third Place: Awoken Shadows

Acoustic: Steven Bates
Rock 1: Clay Hawkins
Rock 2: Ailura Fate
Metal: The Whitetrash Superstars



First Place: Travis Rinker
Second Place: Ethan Walker
Third Place: Wretched Sea

Acoustic: Travis Rinker
Rock: Covered In Butter
Hip-Hop : Ethan Walker
Metal: Wretched Sea



First Place: K-Town Ent
Second Place: The Rose Knight Band
Third Place: Travis Rinker

Acoustic: Travis Rinker
Rock: The Rose Knight Band
Hip-Hop : K-Town Ent
Metal: Controlled Violence of Action



First Place: The Slice of Summer
Second Place: Paulina Logan
Third Place: Travis Rinker

Acoustic: Paulina Logan
Country/ Rock: The Slice of Summer
Hip-Hop : K-Town Ent
Metal: Chamber Puppet



First Place: One Moment
Second Place: Abhor
Third Place: The Rose Knight Band

Acoustic: Steven Bates
World Music: Colby & The Contra Band
Rock: One Moment
Punk/ Heavy: Abhor



First Place: The Lost Boys
Second Place: Two Miles To Think
Third Place: No Method To Madness

Group A: The Delphonatics
Group B: Two Miles To Think
Group C: The Lost Boys
Group D: No Method To Madness